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    I have found that it is no longer really practical to build your own Karaoke system. However, if you really would like to try here’s what you’ll need…

    1. A PC, preferably 1Ghz or faster.
    2. A good wavetable sound card.
    3. A 40watt or better amplifier.
    4. Some type of sound processor for voice.
    5. Microphone(s) & stands.
    6. Karaoke software (VanBasco’s Karaoke Player) found at – it’s free!
    7. Tons of .kar karaoke files.
    8. assorted cables.

    Rather than go through all that hassle, we finaly wound up buying a JVC home karaoke system which was bundled with about 100 karaoke CD’s with lyrics.

    Both systems have their drawbacks, but after a few beers, who cares, they both sound great!

    I’ll add more…feel free to ask any questions.


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    I think your right
    I already have the software for a pc jukebox it has the option to add the lyrics for karaoke.. Also works with a touch screen so all you neeed to do is hang the monitor up and press and play.
    Now to get the bar built :)

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    What type of software are you using for the PC jukebox? Is there a website for download? What’s the cost? Thankx in advance.

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    The best I have found is VanBasco’s Karaoke Player, and it’s FREE!

    [url=]VanBasco’s Website[/url]

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    Late reply but..
    is where I got my set up

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    I eventually bought a stand alone machine through eBay that came with at least a hundred disks – but when we used it, people were drinkin’ and things sometimes got out of hand, so we haven’t used it in years. 😆

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