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    Hi everyone! I’m going to build the L shape bar and my original plan was to follow the plans exactly except for the foot rail and arm rest. I have decided that I want under bar cabinets instead of just shelves. I have no idea how to even begin something like this. Any advice?

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    I just built the 45 bar and i purchased maple cupboards that im mounting inside the bar. they are already built and im just in process of mounting them. I had to raise the bar 3.5 inches to make it work.

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    I have a similar situation. I have old 12″ upper kitchen cabinets that I want to use as the base for the bar. Not sure how to modify the existing plans to this, as most of them seem to incorporate the 2×4’s from the base into the top portion of the bar in some way.

    Has anyone modified the 45 degree bar for using existing cabinets underneath?

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    What are the measurements of the cabinets?

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    I have 4 cabinets that I was planning to use as an L or 45 degree bar with a long cabinet as the bar back. All cabinets are 30″ tall and 12″ deep. The bar back would be an 82″ cabinet, and the bar would be comprised of a 53.5″ and 24″ cabinet connecting to a corner cabinet that is 22″ on one side and 23″ on the other.

    One issue is the basement has a drop ceiling that is only 88″ tall, so I might not want a full height (42″) bar top. I was thinking about putting the cabinets on a 7″ bottom frame to create the footstep. That would give me a total height of 37″ before the bar top, so about a 39″ bar.

    I’ve attached a layout that I was planning to follow, and some pictures of the cabinets and view inside the winery room. Another challenge is that this bar is in front of a door leading into my winemaking space, and the bar back is along basement stairs. I was thinking of building a smaller version of the wine rack on top of the cabinets for the bar back. But, I’m concerned about having that in front of the open stairwell.

    Any advice or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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