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    I have read the pdf for the kegger and says you can make changes in the CHB. I login to CHB and I don not see the Kegger L listed? Am I missing something? I am not looking at putting a Keg in, but in its place a fridgerator. I need to make changes because the west side will be the main sitting area, and north side need to shorten it up so 2 bar stools could sit there. I made the purchase on this site to download plans and adjust as site indicated, but not looking that way. I could have just looked at pictures online and constructed something, however reading this site said it gave you materials list and allowed for modifications to be easily done. All I am seeing is that looks like I have to take parts of the L shape design, and parts of the kegger bar……..This is not the way I thought I would have to go and after all on the L shaped Kegger pdf it inidicated you could make the changed in CHB?
    Also I have checked out the new layout of the site…..much more updated and appealing coming from someone in the computer industry!

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    Dan – sorry for the delay in the reply to your post. The CHBD for this project is on the back burner right now.

    The bar can currently be built using the dimensions in the step by step assembly guide…

    The project in the CHBD originally contained too many sizable sections, so I had to rearrange a lot of parts into different section groups.
    It’s tedious to say the least.

    If you’d like, I can dig up the original plan that had the materiel list, it should be very close.

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    No thanks, I have started the build and made some adjustments to section 1 ( going to be alot smaller) now with the front panels I am seeing the measurements are different for all the pieces 60,61,62,63,64? Shouldnt all pieces be the same heigth? also on the keg side I can get away with using 1 sheet of 4×8 since corner to corner in under 96 inches. and the other side is shorter. Now from looking at pictures the wood is going to go under the 2×4 correct? also I am going with the arm rest option is there any plans for the top listed? I also noticed on the plans for the bar top item 41a 41b and 42 are different sizes. looking at 41b the 29 is right, however looking at 41a, looks like its smaller than the 29″ that is listed? Is there updated documentation that I am missing?

    I must say for the most part this has been pretty simple, and the bar is sturdy compared to the American Heritage bars I was looking to purchase for $4200. I have about $500. in wood (Maple) so this was a great investment, and site has been nice to get some ideas. If you can point me to the right direction for the top with putting in armrest that would be great, also let me know about the front pieces, I am hopeing that the 2×4’s up front won’t be showing.


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    Yes, you’re absolutely right regarding those 5 panels and I’ll be damned if I know what happened there…
    This plan was revised by a temporary helper before my time and it looks like I need to make some corrections today….weird.
    Nobody has ever pointed that out…but yes, common sense dictates they are all the same height.

    As far as the bar top sizes, if you notice where the seam between 41a and 42 is located, you will see that the rough cut out width for 41a is indeed 29″…you just have to cut the section out of 41a.
    If you look back on page 26 you will see that the cutout size is 13.5″ x 55.83″ if you need decimal to fraction conversion, there is a chart in the forum and gallery. I can dig up that link for you.

    Remember, nothing is written in stone. You can easily make modifications and still wind up with an excellent bar.
    In fact, I encourage people to explore the gallery and combine ideas they find there to build a truly unique bar.

    Thanks & Have Fun!

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    Thanks for the info, after further looking into the drawing I seen that and had to do some subtraction. So am I correct that the finished wood for the front panels gets mounted underneath the 2×4? also has anyone not used the 2×4 and went with the 3/4 wood of their choice and just screwed the 2×8 insto the top of that so that the front is all flush? I just went to local place that sell pool tables and bars, and looks like thier entire bars are made up of 3/4 wood with vaneer laminate. Not sure how stable this would be. I know with the 2×4 plans that someone could stand on my bar (dont plan on that happening but you never know how drunk woman can get).

    Thanks again,

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