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    The consolidated materials list indicates Oak Boards but any species acceptable in the dimensions of 1X2, 1X4, 1X6 and 1X8?

    I am building a 4X8 foot L shaped bar that will be finished in oak. My question is are these pieces for the frame where they will not be seen when finished or will they be seen when finished and should be in oak to match what my top and veneer will be?


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    Any hardwood used on this or any of the bar projects is intended as trim, which will be visible as a final wood layer. In this case, I’m assuming these are the squared arm rest and foot rest boards. If you have the cash, use Oak, but if it is too pricey or want a rustic bar, go with select pine.

    If you REALLY want to make it look nice, any bar top can be modified for Chicago style arm rail molding. EHBP-09 is a good plan to study for that technique. Bar rail molding can be found here > https://www.barplan.com/store/molding.html

    There are countless ways to do this and a visit to the gallery might give you more ideas before you decide which way to go. The plans are NOT written in stone.

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    I am constructing my bar on my concrete floor basement. What do you recommend the bottom baseboard wood type to be. Do you recommend treated CCA and if so, for a 4X8 L shaped bar, how many and what length treated 2×4 will I need.

    Thanks in advance

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    Unless you’re standing in water, there’s no need for treated.

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