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    I am nearly finished with my L-shaped keg bar and I have a 2.7 mini fridge for it. My question is about the pc fans. I am not electrician by any means and I was wondering what is the best and easiest way for me to power the fans. Do they plug into an outlet? I haven’t purchased them yet. I read about needing a pc power supply, but how do the fans actually connect to it? Are the fans already wired?


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    I’ve answered a similar question here that will hopefully help you.


    The Fans are powered by a PC power supply but you can buy a 12v adapter also. The good thing about using a PC power supply is that the PC fans and power supply will have the correct connectors so it is literally plug them into the power supply.

    If you chose to cut the connectors off, it is as simple as a red & black wire and thats all.

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