Cooling the Keg Box

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    I am building the Kegger Bar and I am following the plans exactly, with the exception that I am shortening the length to 6 feet. I am at the stage where I am installing the fridge and I am a bit confused about the PC Power Supply and fan component. It’s my understanding that I can use a PC power suppply to power a PC Cooling Fan and that the fan should be mounted in the fridge so that it blows air from the keg box into the fridge and specifically over the freezer area. If I’m correct, I have just a couple of questions:

    1. Is there a specific type of PC Power Supply that I should be using? It appears that there are several different types with differing amounts of power.

    2. Same as question number 1, but with respect to the cooling fan.

    3. Does the fan connect to the power supply in the same manner as if it was in the computer?

    4. How do you get the PC Power Supply to run all the time (as opposed to when it’s in a computer and only runs when the computer is turned on)?

    5. How do I mount the cooling fan to the top of the fridge without damaging the fridge?

    6. Do I position the PC Power Supply so that the fan on the power supply blows directly onto the rear of the fridge (where the coils are)?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The PC power supply is a great idea if you are trying to reduce cost as much as possible, but I found it was much easier to purchase a 1.5 amp 12 volt power adapter at radio shack for about 15 bucks. Just clip the end of the cord and splice it directly to the fan.

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    I’m nervous putting electical wires inside a the keg box where there is going to be tons of moisture. Or if there is a power failure, the keg box starts to thaw, with lots of water being made, and when the power comes back on, there will be electrical with water. How do you make the fans/connections safe from moisture?

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    I have a power supply running 4-80mm fans in my keg box, 1 on the frost plate, 1 at the base of the fridge blowing toward the keg box, 1 on the other end of the keg box blowing toward the fridge, and 1 blowing air up the conduit toward the tap. I left the power supply at the back of the fridge and let the exhaust fan on the power supply itself blow onto the condenser. I put the aluminum sheeting on the inside and taped the seams with aluminum tape. I used the tape to hold all of the fans in place and covered all electrical wiring with the tape as well. I put all of my wiring on the top of my keg box. The power supply is then put on a variable timer that runs the fans and power supply 15 minutes on, then 15 minutes off, etc… You will want to make sure that the power supply has a couple 4 pin adaptors to plug the fans into. They will go together like and extention cord. Hope this helps.

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