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    March 31st and still in quarantine. Even though my bar has been closed for months…it open 24/7 now.
    What is everyone doing to stay entertained?

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    Finishing my bar build, what else?

    Stained my straight kegger and bar back yesterday. Ready to pour the envirotex on the bartop. Wondering if its necessary to put polyurethane or something similar everywhere else (sides, doors, etc.)?

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    April 21st and still on lock down.

    Hope your envirotex job went well.
    Poly is always a good idea.
    I prefer satin, not glossy.

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    November 16 / 2020 Still in quarantine. Can you believe this &#!t?

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    August 9th 2021, after a few months of relief, back to lockdowns and draconian measures. 2 weeks to stop the spread…it will never end.

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    August 9th 2021, – I have been stocking the back of my bar with provisions. Makes a great basement bunker.

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    January 23 2022 and we are still dealing with this COVID BS.
    Most bars are open, and the NFL games are at full capacity (although we are bummed about last night’s Packer loss to SF) but the media’s rona hysteria continues.

    Gas prices are at or above $3.00 / gallon, food prices are way up.

    Home Depot Lumber prices: 1/2″ OSB sheets are about $30. I remember when they were $8.
    2 x 4 construction studs are about $6 each. I remember when those were about 2 or 3 bucks each.

    It still makes sense to build a home bar in preparation for the next “pandemic”.

    Beer is still under $20 / case about $17 or $18 in my area.

    Carry on.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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