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    The plans state the bar is in three basic sections A,B and C, B being the corner section. Sections A and C can be adjusted to suit your desired length but B can’t. Why not? This will be my first ever project and I like the look but I would like to eliminate section C, shorten B by 2 foot and lengthen A by 3 foot due to space. thoughts?

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    Hi Chief!

    Section B is the angled corner portion and there is nothing to say you “couldn’t” resize it, but that is not supported in the CHBD for that project. (Can’t do 2 sides simultaneously)

    If you study the plan framing, you can do exactly what you suggest. I’ll consider a future plan using your suggestion making the corner section smaller, moving the divide lines closer to the 45 corner.

    Use the framing as your guide and vary it in any way you wish, then apply the skin and top using your tape measure against the core frame you come up with.

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    Thank you, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a structural issue.

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    One more question. What is the width of 91,92,93 and 94? I have a 4 foot deep bump out in my basement that this will be in front of and I would like to off set the bar top so it runs flush to the wall. I will then carry the exposed par of 57 into the 4 foot bump out of the basement and connect it to the EHBP1. If that makes sense!

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    No, you do not need the finished bar top layer. Just a solid, flat surface on which to adhere you granite slab.

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