EHBP-10 Combo Bar Project


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    The EHBP-10 is built using a combination of existing plans. It is not a plan set per se. It is a simple combination of bar back and front bar, so there is no need to make it more complex than it needs to be.

    Start out with the re-sizable EHBP-11 Oak Bar Back, then add either the EHBP-02, EHBP-04 L-shaped Kegger Bar or the EHBP-09 45 degree bar plan.

    The EHBP-11 and EHBP-09 is the most popular combination.

    Al the plans are downloaded from:
    EHBP-11 Oak Bar Back Plans
    EHBP-09 45 degree Kegger Bar Plans
    EHBP-04 L-shaped Kegger Bar
    EHBP-02 Basic L-shaped Bar

    If you have any questions on how to arrange these porjects to produce the combination, post it here.


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    This is an advanced project that requires some modification on your part.
    See the Builder’s Gallery for photos of how others have framed theirs.

    The only trick to combining the bar with the bar back is deciding how you want to align the two.

    Typically you trim the wall end of the bar flush, removing any over hang.

    Next Build the Bar Back and slide it in place. That’s it!

    The other option is a bit more complicated and involved building a longer Bar Back using the CHBD, then butting the trimmed bar end to the bar back.

    You would have to extend the bar facing sheeting to patch the gap between the bar and the bar back.

    If you have questions, post them here.

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    Great examples can be found in the gallery area:

    Most recently, Maximuser’s project is a very good guide:

    Easy Home Bar Plans

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