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    I have a question about getting my fridge cold enough
    I have 2 fans one right in front of freezer blowing out and one at the bottom of the of fridge.
    I have it sealed up tight with proper amount of insulation everywhere.
    They are both 77 cfu fans from Radio Shack. Right now my kegbox temp is around 50 with fans off. If I turn them on for a day the temp goes up to 52. What am I doing wrong?
    I have the 2.7 Haier they recommend. It is a new one so it doesn’t have coils on back.
    I can feel sides get warm. There is only one side I might be able to put a fan.

    Here are questions:
    1) Should I buy a slightly smaller fan that will fit inside the freezer instead of just a little bigger one in front?
    2)If so what CFU fan would be a good one to try to track down?
    3) Why are my 2 fans making it warmer? I know they create some small heat.
    4) Should I try pointing my fan towards freezing, bouncing off the cold air. I tried that but I can’t find a stable way yet to hold the fan in place. Any ideas? I want something movable so I can move it different locations if ncessary.
    5) Will coooling part of one side of the fridge really do anything?

    I’ve already bought two fans and I don’t want to have keep buying them to try to find out what will work

    Thank you very much for any input

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    Are they 5 volt fans? This is why we suggest using an old PC power supply mounted OUTSIDE the keg box with light gauge wires supplying the fans the low power.

    The fans should not introduce any heat whatsoever. If they do, then that’s a problem.

    Also, what is your thermostat set to. Sometime those thermostats don’t work so great…so turn it all the way to the coldest spot, then back it off a bit.

    Does you fridge have a metal freezer plate?

    If the freezer area has a door, it also needs to be removed so air can flow freely.

    Post a closeup photo here so we can see what your setup looks like.

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    I do have the power supply outside the box.
    I think if I try blowing the fan into the the the freezer plate I might have better luck.
    I tried it by temporarily stacking some things up and putting the fan on top and they worked better.
    What is a good way to mount the fan so I can do a longer test?
    I heard about brackets,etc.
    Can you screw those into the plastic inside the fridge without it damaging things?
    If so, how far to I screw? All the way through to outside fridge or just to through the first layer of plastic on the fridge.
    Or do you try to mount it differently?

    Thank you

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    One more thought…did you insulate UNDER the floor section? I hope so!

    As far as fans, just go to your local hardware store / home center hardware depart and get a short legnth of aluminum stock.
    May 1/8″ thick, 1″ wide and 30″ inches long. Measure the inside of the fridge, the bend the metal so it just fits.
    A short screw on each side should not damage the fridge. Mount the fan(s) as close to the edge of the bracket so it does not block airflow.

    Take a close look at this photo and you’ll see what I mean.
    In the photo, one fan is blowing in, one is blowing out.

    Also take not of the added foil insulation. Not sure where is was purchased, but it’s a great idea.
    It should be fit very snuggly…it looks like this is not very snug, but I’ll be it works well anyway.

    In this photo, notice the placement of the fan blowing over the compressor.
    [attachment=0:3rzcbrqy]compressor fan.JPG[/attachment:3rzcbrqy]
    Oh, and as shown here, then CO2 tank is ALWAYS placed outside the cold box.

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    In that one picture with the 2 blue fans attached to freezer. I can’t see the image any more but I have the following questions:
    1) Is the metal bar that goes across is resting right on the freezer plate for a little extra support or should I try to keep it a little distance away from freezer plate?


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