Glass top covering all my old sports & concert tickets.

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    Glass vs. ???

    Why did you decide against the glass and how did your final decision turn out? I was thinking to do the same thing with the tickets and don’t want to ruin them. I would be leaning towards the glass. I’m having a hard time convincing my wife.

    As I flipped through the bar plans, I was wondering how the bar was anchored to the floor? The last time I built a bar I tap-conned a sill board to build from.

    Foot rail or finished foot box????

    Where does the gas come from if you wanted to build a keg box and keep your beer fresh?



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    Whoever this is directed to, I’m also looking for a solution to cover tickets as a bar top without runing them permanently. I’m assuming a glass or plexiglass top. Thoguhts?

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    Found this question in the lost & found box…

    Wow 4 questions in one!

    1. Glass vs. – Plexiglass or Envirotex – it all depends if you ever want them back. Plexi is better than glass for obvious reasons, it’s also quite expensive (sorry no transparent aluminum (star trek joke for you pointy eared bar builders)) If you go this route, use a felt base, lay your cards down and lay the glass (just the thought of glass breakage freaks me out – yikes) or plexi directly over them. The glass approach must be perfectly flat. Use safety glass, but it’s REALLY expensive. Plexi is also quite expensive and will scratch.
    – Envirotex is a two part epoxy coating that will forever seal your items and probably preserve them for thousands of years. It’s great for bottle caps, coins, etc. Do a forum search on Envirotex and you’ll find a LOT of posts. When doen properly, Envirotex will look just like glass. It’s also unbreakable (withstands our worst bar dice slams) and I’ve yest to scratch it. If you did gouge it somehow, just apply a new layer.

    2. Tap cons are a bit excessive. Usually PL-200 adhesive is enough…or check you home center for a concrete to wood adhesive. I hate drilling holes in basement floors.

    3. Foot rail or foot box? – It’s your choice – I prefer the box – it’s 10 time less expensive and hardly anyone is looking down there.

    4. Where dos the gas come from? Beans…no seriously it comes from a small CO2 tank that is supplied with all out tapper kits. See: https://www.barplan.com/draft_beer/index.html

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