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    I was going to build the standard 8 foot straight bar but then noticed the 45 degree bar design. What I like about the 45 degree bar is the extra counter space available while standing behind the bar versus the small beer gutter space on the 8 ft straight bar. Is there a way or what’s the best way to modify the 45 degree bar so that only Section C and the right side of Section B (attached to Section C) to make an 8 ft straight bar?

    Thx for any suggestions provided.

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    I guess just omit section A of the EHBP-09 project.
    That wouldn’t give you an 8 foot straight bar though. It would be about an 8 foot straight section with a 45 degree corner and small L section.

    If you want a similar project to the EHBP-01 with the same features as the EHBP-09, then try the EHBP-03 and skip the kegerator portion if you dont need it. That would be my choice.

    the plan is at:

    The 3d model preview is on the sales pages at:

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    thx for the feedback. i’ll go with your suggestion

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