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    I am in the final stages of putting my bar together, but when I made a 45 degree cut on one of my 8′ sections of oak arm rests it looks like the cut is beveled (not straight up and down). Is that OK? What is the best way to cut these boards?

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    When you cut arm rail molding on a power miter saw, you must first build spacers to set the rail in it’s proper, final mounted orientation.

    Typically this is two 3/4″ thick sections of wood placed under the notches to act as the bar top. Then you can cut the angles.

    Makes sense, right?

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    Sorry can not under stand

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    You basically cut some small plywood spacers so when your arm rail is sitting in the miter saw (compound), it is oriented the same as when it is in it’s final installed position.

    Below are two photos, one showing how to do it the WRONG way, the other showing the RIGHT way using spacer supports.

    Note: I suggest using something more narrow that the 1×4’s I found lying around. 1×2 spacers will allow the work to be closer to the fence, which is safer and provides better accuracy.

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    Here’s great video from Hardwood USA showing how to cut and mount Chicago style arm rail molding. It’s generic and your edge lip size will vary depending upon the type rail you purchase.

    How to Install Bar Rail Video

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