How do you modify this plan? EHBP – 04 L Shaped Kegger Bar

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    I like this plan, but need to make variations to the sizes. This should be available in the modification section as an option.

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    Bob – Yeah – I’m working on both EHBP-03 and EHBP-04
    Both were designed before the CHBD was developed, so there might be some sticky points that require me to go through and modify the original plans document to match and then verify it all…just have some other projects in front of that right now. EHBP-03 should be done in a day or two…If I can keep from getting distracted by other business tasks. ;^)

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    Interested in adjusting size in chbd for the L shaped kegger. When might this be available? Any problem with putting keg on opposite end of L shaped bar?


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    Any update on this please?

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    This was released in the CHBD, but recently pulled for rework.
    Due to the Keg Box and multi-segment sections, this is really not a good candidate for the CHBD program.
    (I think releasing this version in the CHBD would cause too many questions)
    If you look at the attachment image, you’ll see why…

    Here are the restrictions for this model:
    Section A can only be changed slightly in length (not recommended)
    Section B can be changed only in length.
    Section C – disregard, since it’s all related to section B.
    Section D can be changed only in length.
    Section E – disregard, since it’s all related to section D.

    So, if you want to change the “west” side of the bar…just change section B.
    If you want to change the “North” side of the bar, just change section D.

    Doing it any other way will just create too much confusion.
    A new non-keg box L- shaped bar is in the works that will be more CHBD friendly.

    The bottom line is that of this project is to work with the CHBD, it needs to be simplified down to two sections only.
    That work is in progress , but it’s tedious.

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    I actually built the Kegger L-shape in two separate bars or sections. I built the front 8 feet and the left side (standing behind the bar) 7 feet. When the framing was completed I used 4 8″ bolts to connect the 2 bars together. This will make it easier if I ever have to move it. make sure your skirt around the bar has a seem where the 2 bar joins so you don’t have to take the skirt off. I had to make a lot of modifications to the bar especially on the Keg side (my left side). I’m not using a keg but I will be installing a wine cooler and a refrigerator. I had to modified the height by a couple inches so the wine cooler and fridge would fit. I also made the kegger sections 4 feet long so I could place the wine cooler and fridge side by side. My end of the L-bar will be up against a wall where there is an electrical outlet. I will install a power strip near the corner of the 2 bars to plug my coolers in and also any lights. The only problem I was having was with the over hang around the front and sides of the bar, I just didn’t know how far it should hang over. I also if I had to do it all over I would have eliminated the foot rest and install one of those metal rails instead. I found one of those rustic furniture places that also sell bars and would sell my just the foot rails very cheap.

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