How much did you pay for aluminum inside the keg box / door?

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    I’m wondering if anyone has recently bought any aluminum to use for their keg box door and inside the kegbox? A local place here wanted $150 for a 4×10 sheet of it as I was just going to surround the entire keg box with it after puttin in the insulation etc.

    What is the going rate for this and thick / what guage should I be shopping for?

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    I used 3×4 sheets from Home Depot. Found them near the duct work. I think it was about $15 a sheet.

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    damn i’m having a hard time finding this stuff around here. Best home depot will do is 12×18 so I would need to piece it together. Be a lot cheaper then $150 for a big sheet of it though lol.

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    You do not need to use aluminum. Check out prices on galvanized steel.
    Stainless would be way too high.

    Try Discount Steel, use the following link to check aluminum prices.

    Remember, the aluminum can be THIN! Use something like .032 or .040
    It is only for thermal reflection and thin is easily worked.
    The base floor panel should be 3/4″ thick plywood cover with aluminum sheet. A bit thicker on the floor helps for durability when sliding kegs in.
    .10 is way too thick and way too expensive these days.
    Aluminum would be somewhat cheaper if EVERYONE recycled their empties!

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    To Cubs – I live just outside of Omaha and am initiating my shopping list for materials and supplies to build my kegger bar. I’ve only bought a couple of items so far, one of them being the same Haier Model HS-B03 you mentioned in one of your questions to the barplan website. Did you go with that or another choice?

    Any suggestions on your build (lessons learned, should-a-dones, etc) or on supply sources if you too are in the Omaha-Lincoln area? Being nearly a year since your last post I saw to the site, I assume your bar is long done. How satisfied are you with the results? You may reply to me direct at [email protected].

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    Also check your Yellow Pages for local scrap metal yards. They usually have aluminum sheet that they will sell. We used to use old aluminum sheet printing plates (made a great outside covering for an ice fishing shanty!), but I believe the EPA no longer allows their resale. Who knows why…

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