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    Not really looking for plans so much (YET) but just wanted to know … what software are you going to recomend?
    I have a jukebox set up now (built into wall) and can suggest a great program for around 20 bucks.

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    The project will involve buiding a custom PC from scratch and sourcing of the parts and recommened audio components.

    The software will cover using both Windows XP AND Mandrake 10.1 LINUX, which is MUCH more stable than XP.

    The actual software you use is up to you. This will not be just a juke box either. It will do whatever any PC can do. The whole idea is to have a full function PC entertainment system in your bar area.

    During football games, we watch it on TV, but my brother just HAS to track his fantasy football stats, so he pulls up the NFL website for that game and monitors it on the old PC I had in my bar. The problem was, it just did not look right sitting on a counter. So, I figured a juke box type cabinet would be a better place for the computer.

    The beautiful thing about computers is that they can do so much nowdays. This project is more about the cabinet, but the hardware and software will be provided as a guide.

    In a nutshell, YES, please post the software you use!

    The juke box will be able to function as:

    1. mp3 jukebox
    2. CD player
    3. web browser
    4. video game
    5. video poker or slot machine
    6. photo viewer
    7. DVD movie player
    8. Karaoke Machine

    and anything else you can imagine that can run on a PC!

    Anyone will software title suggestions, please post them here!


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    Cool .. I use ThePCJukebox real nice set up Next version out will even allow video’s
    I checked out a few of them and this was one of the best I seen for the $$
    I don’t get anything for the plug.. Works with mouse or touchscreen. Pick the cover you want to hear and the list of songs come up. Wish I would of had plans for a cabinet B4 I cut a
    whole in my wall….lol Will try to get pics of bar and jukebox out this weekend.

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    When are the final plans for the jukebox going to be added as a pdf??

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