keeping my Kegerator cold

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    I am having trouble keeping my kegerator cold. I built the L shape kegger bar, and used the straight kegger bar as a template for building my kegerator. I have used all recommended insulation tips, and cannot get my beer below 40°. I even bought dry ice to cool it, but once that is gone, my mini fridge runs constantly. I am afraid of burning out my fridge, and it will be impossible to replace if it does. Any suggestions? I hate to think I put all this money into a kegerator and equiptment and it is useless without dry ice. Also I installed a fan in the keg box to circulate air, this made my issue worse because now the fridge runs constantly where as before it just iced over and quit running due to needing to be defrosted.


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    Jason –

    I see this post is old, but I’m having a similar problem. I can’t get mine below 42. I actually went with a dorm freezer and it ends up icing over. I have this thing very well insulated. Curious if you found any solution for your issue that may be able to help me.


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    Built mine a little larger than specs. I have no trouble getting it to 37.

    I doubled the amount of foam board. Used a 1.1 cu ft freezer and 2 usb powered fans. Before the fans, wouldn’t go below 41.

    Try adding another layer of 3/4 inch foam inside the box. Duct tape all joints also.

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