Keg Box Door Latch Ideas

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    The Pin Hinges from Rockler (there is a link to them near the bottom of the straight kegger bar download page) work well for the keg box door, but how do you latch the door?

    I found my latch solution at a local hardware store. It is a basic turn latch.
    Here’s a selection of similar window latches that will also work well.

    Easy Mount Pin Hinges
    order online from Rockler using this link[url][/url]

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    One other option is to fore go using hinges at all! Make the door fit snug, then apply latches to each side. This keeps the door tightly closed and as it should STAY closed. The only time the door should be opened is when your keg spits and it’s time to change it.

    The CO2 and regulator MUST stay outside so you can adjust pressure. There is no need to keep the super cold liquid CO2 cold. It’s under pressure. A wired digital temp sensor is placed in the box and the display mounted outside where you can read it.

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    I used standard offset hinges. And sash locks.

    Put a remote outdoor sensor in the box and the display outside. It gives me both the room temp and box temp. $10 from walmart.

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