Keg box temp flucuates

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    Ok so I have read and re-read every post and reply in here on what to do if the temp isn’t pulling down. Door is built to design, keg box itself is built to design with some slight modifications to fit my situation. I could not find a fridge with the coils on the back so I have a Haier 2.7 with the coils just under the skin on the top and sides.

    Coil area of fridge is not covered or obstructed. I put 3 fans blowing on the coil area, on for the top and one for each side. There is a fan blowing on the compressor and there is a fan pulling hot air out of the area where the fridge is. Floor is insulated, the entire thing is insulated better than what the plans called for. Foil tape covers every seam. The lowest I could get my temp was 46 so added some insulation then the temp went to 55. I tried 3 fans inside the box then the temp went to 59, initial set-up was 1 blowing across the plate 1 pulling air into the box itself. Frost plate is making frost, so at least I know it is working.

    Any ideas anyone?

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