Keg Box will not get to Temperature

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    I need some help…my keg box won’t get to temperature. I’ve checked all insulation and there appears to be no air leaks. I’ve installed fans and that actually made the temp stay higher (fans themselves generating heat). I’m starting to wonder if the fridge just doesn’t have the capacity to cool the keg box. Help!

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    12VDC Fans should not generate any measurable heat.

    The big question is, do you have frost forming on the freezer plate? (your fridge must have the little freezer compartment with a door…tear the door off)
    If so, you’re in luck. Now you must move the air across the freezer plate to increase the heat transfer.

    Does your fridge have a rear exposed coil? If so, add a fan there too.

    The best recommendation today is the new compact FREEZER units.

    Oh, and keep the door shut at ALL times! If you keep opening the door to check the temp, it will never get cold. Get a remote temp sensor.

    Hope this helps.

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    Okay, I got a fan and it dropped the temperature another 10 degrees, but the lowest it’s reached is 47 F. The freezer compartment seems to have a bunch of ice on it, not sure if that’s normal. (included a pic)


    I also put another 110 V fan blowing on the fridge compressor. Any further suggestions. BTW, it’s not having any issues holding the temp once it settles out.

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    I learned my lesson the hard way. I put in a mini fridge with the freezer plate as it appears you did. Nothing in the box, I froze water. Put 2 quarter barrels inside, and couldn’t get it below 40 and it was running 24/7. Because I’m picky, and like my beer cold, I had to do something. I busted out the fridge and ordered a mini freezer (well, it’s a fridge and a freezer, and goes from 0-40 degrees. Edgestar, I think)

    Width was the same as the Haier fridge aside from a few shims, and I built a backer board and put 6 inches of propink on top. Box now holds 32 if I want it to, and that’s on the medium setting. Best thing is, it is not running 24/7.

    Was definitely a pain in the ass to pull the fridge out and scrap it, but without an exposed coil fridge, I doubt you will get it as cold as you want with a full box.

    Good luck!

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    @sillykeys: What size freezer did you switch too? I’m looking at 1.3 cu ft Haier upright freezer. That seems to be the only one the fits into the existing fridge footprint. I’d like to go to a 3.1 cu ft but that would require some serious reworking. I can’t seem to find something in between.

    Any thoughts?

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    I went with the Edgestar CRF150SS.

    Was almost the same width as the Haier fridge I took out.

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    I really wish I read this before I built my Hamilton Beach fridge into the bar. I am having the same problem with constantly running and not getting below 40°. I don’t know how I am going to get it out without destroying the bar. Please admin, update plans to include using a compact freezer rather than a mini fridge.

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    Be sure to NOT open the door! Use a wired or wireless thermometer (be sure it’s accurate by immersing in in an ice water bath and verifying the temp is 32F).
    Also place your CO2 tank OUTSIDE the keg box. It can take up to 24 hours or more for the temp to reach the 30’s. A full keg of beer is a LOT of liquid mass to cool. Always buy your beer cold. Some have purchased warm kegs and they take even longer.

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    That should work fine…think about it…you are passing air over ice – ice is 32F – if you move more air, eventually the air inside the box will reach equilibrium and be 32F. There is no magic involved, just basic thermodynamics.

    Go to your local gas station or liquor store and open the glass doors. Listen to all the fans running. I’d double up on what you have there. One blowing in, one blowing out may help move more air.

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