Keg Storage and tapping

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    I have a question about kegs that hopefully you guys can answer. I built a home bar and kegbox. The problem is I only have about a 22″ high clearance in my box and I am tired of buying the smaller 8 gallon kegs. I want to buy the bigger 16 gallon kegs but I know they are noramlly 24″ or so high. My question is…can I put the keg on its side in my kegerator, or does it have to stand completely upright???? I have all the gas and co system and it works great, just want to buy bigger kegs. I was also wanting to purchase the import 5 gallon kegs as well, but I know they are normally smaller round, but 23 or 24″ also and wanted to know if they can be placed at an angle in the box. Thanks for ny help you can give me and hopefully there isnt a problem with having the keg on its side. Thanks guys.[/b]

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