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    So I was having issues with the L-shaped bar that I am trying to build. I used the CHBD because I have somewhat limited space. I made some big adjustments in the width. I had to make it the smallest possible which was 20 inches. I shortened the length of both sides as well. I kept the height the same. Well I made all the adjustments in the program and printed everything, but now as I’m going along I have noticed that some of the measurements don’t seem right. I e-mailed the help desk and he offered some advice, but ultimately told me to come on the forum for help. SO PLEASE HELP. I have attached my print page from my altered project.

    *note* I am somewhat of a novice with carpentry. I have completed other projects and have a working knowledge, but far from an expert. So if my question and further questions seem stupid please bear with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I do not see the attachment.

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