L shaped kegger question ????

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    I’ve printed the plans for the L shaped kegger and have decided on this bar.
    Some minor shortening of one leg is all that is required. I’ve noticed from the plans that there in no kick space or toe space on the serving side of the bar.
    Has anyone who has built this bar noticed any problems with this or wished that there was some kick space? Does kicking the bottom of the bar seem to be an issue or is this nothing to worry about?


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    Sorry for the delay, you’ve probably finished your bar already. My bar is the precursor to that design and as the bar tender, I have no problems.
    I usually just lean on the rail by the keg box and it’s very comfy.
    See photo in gallery >http://gallery.barplan.com/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=10001&pos=0

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    I am also wanting to put in toe kicks. My first thought was to use 2×8 boards in place of the 2×4’s used in the plan (item #15 in the plan). However, I am now planning on just furring out the front of those 2×4’s till they extend 2″ past the baseboard.

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