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    First I’d like to say thanks to whoever came up with these bar design plans. I am a complete novice and churned this bar out with a circular saw, drill, and some screws. I think the actual cutting of the wood and framing took me all of about 6 hours. My goal is to basically turn my lower level into a medieval style tavern and my first step was to build the bar. Once I framed it out I stained the bar a red oak and then coated it in a few layers of polyurethane. I then added some metalware pieces I picked up from a local hobby store to the front of the bar. As a final step I used a clear resin on the top of the bar. Here are some pictures of the the building process and how the tavern currently looks

    Warning- I lack the talent a lot of people here have. Some of the bars I have seen people build are to an extremely high standard. I made this with almost no wood working experience with is a testament to how easy the plans are to follow. … %20Tavern/

    It is a work in progress. I have a few armor pieces on the way, a statue of a knight, and some faux stone wall paper I scored from a link posted by the admin at the bottom of this forum ( great find).

    I am also working on a few further projects. I work for a utility company so I grabbed a large empty wooden cable reel and a couple smaller ones and am making a table with chairs around it (to go where the sofas are currently at). I am going to sand and finish the cable reels in a similar fashion as the bar. Those modern looking bar stools currently there are simply stand ins for the moment. I plan on getting some used wine barrels and sanding and staining them and using them for bar stools.

    One small tip, minwax stainable wood filler I found is not very stainable and even after a lot of sanding and then staining it really sticks out. I was told using sawdust from the cut wood mixed with wood glue is better, but if I had to do over I would of just dealt with some small gaps.

    Another tip- swords and alcohol don’t always mix. My wife found me passed out on the sofa with one of the swords laying next to me…

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