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    For any military person interested in putting all their patches, medals and a ribbon stack under Envirotex, here are a few notes;

    First, forget the subdued patches…they look like black holes in my bar top! With light shining on them, they are readable, but just. If you can’t remove a Velcro backing, just forget about the patch. I had two patches that had glued on Velcro. It raises the hight too much.

    Full color patches came out nice.

    I used UltraThin ribbons for the ribbon stack. Sprayed a sealer over them, and they came out pretty nice. A little color washing, but not bad at all.

    For the medals, I cut out the holder and the backside of the ribbon. Glued both the medal and the ribbon. The glue shows as a dark area under white and a little color fading here also. Still look nice.

    Challenge coins, badges, foreign currency all came out very nice looking.

    I’ll be posting picks in the near future.

    One last note…be very careful with a drop cloth…the wife dropped her side as we were putting the drop cloth over the bar and it made a real mess that I’ve almost completely fixed.

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    I’m glad to hear all worked out for you. I posted the pics but don’t think admin approved them in time for you to view before doing yours.I after mixing both parts used 1 gallon total on my bar top. Did you use the entire 2 gallons on your bar yet ?

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    Used 1 gallon on the first coat,2nd gallon trying to cover up the mess fromthe drop cloth, and still need another gallon to finish covering the mess and one patch that is still sticking up (hence the warning about the velcro on patches.)

    With the 45 degree turn, my bar top is about 9 liner feet long by 2 1/2 feet wide (one 8′ x 4′ sheet JUST covers all corners)

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    AO…I am just starting to look at plans. I too thought about putting my patches in the bar. do you have any pics here or somewhere else to look at? my concern is those patches are in there forever. thanks much…RJ

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