Minimum keg box height

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    I am trying to maximize my space. My L bar will be 6′ by 6′.
    I want to put a keg box in. My plan is to make it 30″ deep and 30″ wide (approx.). To its left (on the wall side) I will have a sink.

    I’d like to have a two-tiered design over the keg box (i.e. the top of the bar level and a prep area). Will this work? My question is, what is the minimum height I can make my keg box? I brew my own beer and want to put corny kegs in the keg box. I’m not sure how tall the corny kegs are.

    Any input would be useful.

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    You need to check the Keg heigth you want to use with the manufacturer, but I would say that the minimum height will be determine by the fridge itself to make it work efficient.

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