modifying a kegerator?

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    Hey everyone,
    I’ve been stalking the forums here for a while now lol and finally the time is right to start building pretty soon. I have a full size kegerator that I want to incorporate into the bar (L Kegger) and I was wondering if anyone has modified a kegerator by cutting the side off to extend the kegerator into a keg box to hold a total of 3 kegs, and still using the attached kegerator door along with another door in the keg box for easier access. Still with me? I’m just looking for some advice before I go and potentially ruin a perfectly good kegerator. So, has anyone taken a fridge apart? Is there just a hollow gap between the plastic shell inside and the metal outside that when cut can just be filled with foaming insulation? Or would I be better off using the kegerator as is and building a seperate keg box? I would rather use what I already have instead of spending more but anything worth doing is worth doing right, right? I look forward to any advice and thank you in advance.

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    I personally would NOT recommend chopping up a perfectly good kegerator.
    There is no need to chop it up, just remove the door and turn it sideways so the door blows into the keg box.
    The door could then be fitted to the front of the keg box.

    The best approach right now for multi keg boxes is to start using a “compact” freezer unit.
    These provide much better cooling that that old compact fridges.

    Be sure to add fans inside to circulate the air.

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    Thanks, I realized a little while after posting that it would probably be a disaster. I think I’m going to go with trying to use the kegerator door for the keg box and have it turned sideways. I originally wanted it to hold 3 half barrels but I think if I just double the size of the kegerator I’ll be happy with 2 quarters and 1 half. Thanks for keeping my head straight lol

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