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    I am months away from having my first house built. The basement has been deemed “MAN CAVE”. Obviously I want to build a bar. I am very AutoCAD profficent and will be designing the entire bar in CAD prior to the build. (full 3D layout with each piece of lumber mapped out) I am looking for some help in my design. I have the base setup and a very rough set of 3D screen shots to give an idea of what I am looking to do with this large amount of space.

    Items to go into the bar…

    Keezer in the utility room, and taped through the wall.
    Sink (rough in on the wall with the back bar)
    Counter top dishwasher under the sink
    Smaller beer fridge is going to be built into Bar
    Larger fridge is off to the side out side the main bar
    TV on wall above Keg taps. (~36″)
    Microwave/blender all under the bar cabinets storage.

    Going for a semi traditional bar, staining in a dark slight red stain
    Wall color will be a smokey grey, trim (by the house builder in the room is white)

    Sorry for the colors in the layouts, just temp. before I detail the bar.

    Any input is appreciated, weather the layout seems good or should be modified. Thank you for your time in reading the post.

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    here is my entire bar build from start to finish.

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    Nice blog! I might have to grab a few photos and add them to the gallery area. Cheers!

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    I guess the only recommendation would be to go with the 45 degree bar design (EHBP-09) to improve your walkthrough space at the corner. I like the utility room idea. I try to preach that all the time. It’s a great place to put your keg box fridge, then pipe it to the front. I would place the tap on the bar back to keep the runs short and use 2″ PVC (insulated) to contain the beer lines. The PVC should connect right into your keezer so cold air is feed right up to the tap. Commercial bars use a similar method with cooling lines wrapped around the beer lines from the basement to the tap tower or they just add a chiller unit right below the tap.

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