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    I am thinking about building a wetbar, the only way I have to drain it is with a sump which is a foot away through a wall. Is this a viable way to do this ? Environmentally safe ?

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    I am sure that you figured this out a long time ago since your post was from last year, but, I found a really neat electrical Wet bar “machine”. It was like $400 bucks though but looked really cool, and easy to install.

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    If your basement has no conventional drain to a public sewer, you are probably on a septic system. Most modern septic systems include an ejector pit in the basement that pumps to the holding tank or drain field. You can use the ejector pit for liquid waste only. Don’t hook up a toilet and drop a deuce in there or you’ll just have to clean it up.
    If you have no basement drain, then you’ll have to devise a way to capture & hold liquid waste and pump it out to a public drain or septic system.
    If that’s the case, I recommend calling a plumber to have the work done to code. I don’t recommend this type of water related project be done by a novice.

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    You can use the ejector pit for a toilet. All you’d have to do is switch to an effluent waste pump (one that’ll handle solids) and you’re fine. I just did this myself for appx.$300. Secondly if the pit is already ejecting to the septic, chances are it has the proper pump and can handle the deuce. Although I’d check to make sure as mine was set up for laundry discharge only at the time. I’ve made the changes and since added a bathroom down there.

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    I installed a urinal instead of a full toilet. For the crowd that comes over to my place, this REDUCES the change of someone pooping, although I can see waking up one morning and finding a dump in the urinal.

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