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    I have created a project using the L shaped bar as a base. I put in the dimensions needed and saved it. When I went to print a preview of the bar it shows (and printed) the default dimension with the default picture. i want to print a picture of my bar with my dimensions.. please help anyone.

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    The CHBD DOES NOT change the picture. The images are simply the base reference representation. What matters is the actual cut list. If you need to visualize something custom, ask and we can usually whip up a basic model.

    Use the new cut list along with the plans assembly document. Those documents are located here:

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    how do you get a side and a main of different sizes to print together ( i changed both lengths but they both are the same sizes when i try to print.

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    I’m trying to build a bar however I am having trouble changing the length of the sides and saving it so that I can print project. Any help you can provide on how to both the main and leg and save it together would be extremely helpful.
    Thank you!

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    In the project manager, you resize each leg by selecting the section, editing that section and saving. Be sure to save after editing each leg. The red/green dot indicates if the save was made successfully. What plan set are you working with?

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