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    Help please. I built the 45 degree bar and tore it apart! Now I am building a 9 foot straight bar with the bar back. I would use the straight bar plans but I want the nice looking bar top of the keg bar. I am buying a kegerator to slide in instead of building the keg box. I need the depth or width, whichever you call it to be at least 24 inches to accommodate the kegerator. I also want to eliminate the step, I am using stone for the front and putting doors on the back. Any help would be great before I waste another printer cartridge!


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    Hey Rick, what did you end up doing here? I have a kegerator and it is 26″ deep. Also, I have a wine fridge to install in there that is 24″ deep and 34″ tall. Not giving the overall measurements on these plans really sucks! I wish I would have known that crucial information wasn’t provided before I spent money to get the plans. Now I am spending tons of time trying to forecast how it all will come together to ensure that I have enough height and depth for my fridges, whilst having to modify the plans for the top to accommodate the higher fridge.

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