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    We are planning on building the Straight Kegger Bar. However, my wife wants to place two of “Vissani 17 in. 28-Bottle Wine Coolers” that are from Home Depot one on each side of the bar instead of placing a Kegger. ( The size is 33.3 in height, 18.1 in width. What would be the best way to fit these coolers under the bar without making the top of the bar height look odd. I can’t remember where I saw it on the forum but someone had mentioned about removing a section of #6 back base frame and #15 base floor pieces in order to allow the Wine Cooler to sit on the floor. By doing that, not sure how this may or may not affect the structure of the bar.

    Thx for any suggestions offered.

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    I just built a straight Kegger bar this past weekend. Did it without the Kegger and installed my mini fridge under the work space. I had to change the vertical measurments, the green highlighted one’s on the keg box frame to fit the fridge. I changed them from 27 inches to 30 inches. It cuts the area from the work space to the bottom of the bar top. 3 inches was not that much but if your measurments are right you may have to go up to 5-6 inches which would leave only about 2-3 inches between your work space and bar top. You could raise the length of your side upright but that would raise the bar higher than 42 inches

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    Thx for the feedback and pictures. They were helpful. May have to get my wife to downsize the fridge a bit.

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