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    I have limited space in my basement for a bar. I want to build the 6′ Tailgater bar. Has anyone built one, is the materials list accurate and up to date?

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    The material list and cut list is accurate using the CHBD.

    That is a pretty simple project. It is mostly 2×4 construction and a couple sheets of plywood. There are a few oaks boards too.
    If the cut list items are added up a list can be made.

    Not sure why that slipped by, not too may of these have been built from what I have seen. I need to update that document ASAP, but with lumber prices yo yo’ing like they are, I will no longer be including prices, only general approximations.

    Most people built shorter versions of the 8 foot kegger bar for in home bars. That design was intended as a potable bar.

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    Hello Tzandy,
    I just joined this site and this is my first posting. I am very new to woodworking, but with a little help from my father-in-law, I was able to get the cuts done on the wood, the rest I did myself. I plan to post a longer note in the near future, once I get all my notes together. I just wanted to mention that the doc does have errors; from typos to corrections on the foot rest board.
    -The foot rest board should be a 1×6 not 1×4.
    -Don’t buy 14 2×4’s, you only need about 7, if you cut them right
    -The yellow highlighted items on the cut list are the Lengths you would need to adjust to make a longer or shorter bar.
    -Lowes no longer sells Stanley latches, but you can find similar latches from another company there.

    I built a 4 1/2 foot tailgating bar so that when its apart it will lay in the back of my Ford Expedition with only the 3rd row seat removed. I am a big Redskins tailgating fan and plan to use it this Monday night.

    I will provide more detailed corrections on this forum and will fill out the update forms to get them corrected in the original plans. I will also post pictures soon, and will check back to see if anyone has any questions that I might be able to answer.

    Overall the plans are pretty good. I really liked the diagrams, however the plans haven’t been updated in about 6 months.

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    You guys are correct, and my apologies…
    I have been taking the summer off and that plan was the last thing I was working on. The diagrams should all be correct, but the material shopping list was actually cut n pasted from the previous project and may not be accurate.

    It is always best to go through any plan by reading it completely, I even do that with any Saunders pre-made furniture kits I have ever purchased. 😯

    As of today, 9/11/2006, I’m back in the office working on fixing up old plans and creating some cool new designs, like the 45 dgree corner bar, modular bars and more!

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    As I promised in a previous post, I have posted pictures of my tailgate bar in the gallery. I posted 2 pictures, one picture is of the tailgate bar in its transport form, all five pieces. The other picture is of the tailgate bar snapped together and ready for use. I still have to stain it and add the footrest trim, but otherwise, it was a very successful project.

    Note: I modified the plans down to a 4 1/2 foot bar instead of the 6′ foot bar, so that I could fit it into my truck. However, I forgot to account for the added inches of the side trim of the top. So, if you have a large SUV, I recommend making a 4′ bar so that your bar top fits in more easily without resting on the wheel wells (with 2nd row seat up). To modify the width of the bar, just adjust the measurements of the items that are highlighted in the plans.

    If you have any other questions on the tailgate bar from a rookie builder, let me know.

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    I reaally want to see those pics before I get started. Where are they?

    Thank you for posting them

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    I just looked at the pictures are not in the public gallery yet. When I posted them a few days ago, the last screen said I had to wait for the Admin to approve them, so my guess is that the Admin has not reviewed them yet.
    I also submitted about a dozen corrections for the plans to the Admin, mostly grammer.

    But to answer your questions, the 2 pictures should appear in the public gallery after they have been approved.

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    Great Job!
    I just approved the photos, here are the direct locations:
    and…the folded view…

    Question, is it stable when snapped together?
    I tried my best to design it on the computer with minimal chances to wobble.

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    I slightly modified the plans and started to build a 7′ version of this bar last weekend. And it was my _first_ woodworking project ever…

    Yes, the materials list is off. But if you follow the cut list, and don’t forget to add the hinges to the list of needed items, you can do pretty well.

    My needs for this project were different from the standard. I’m a magician. I’ve been hired to do a series of performances from behind a bar for some upcoming renaissance faires. So I needed to build a bar that could easily be moved from place to place and set up and torn down quickly by just one person. This site had the _only_ plans I could find for a collapsable, easily transportable bar.

    I needed something a bit longer (to fit more people), and I needed more surface area on the top. I also didn’t need a beer gutter. The modifications were fairly simple, and I’m in the position of having to attach the top to the sides, add the bar rail, and do the finishing. I can’t answer for the stability issue, yet. I’ll have to see it under actual conditions. However, I already know that I’ll need some sort of center support for the top.

    The bar rail is the problem. The one in the plans won’t be comfortable to the people sitting at the bar. In fact, it seems to be there just for show. Real bar rail is way too expensive ($10-$16 per foot) and too massive for such a small bar. So does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t have a router. In fact I just bought the compound miter saw. ;-)

    So what ideas do others have for bar rail. This one needs to be wood, but after that, the imagination is the limit…

    Oh, and now I also need to build some sort of covering to get people out of the sun!

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    You’d be suprised. The arm rest is not as uncomfortable at all.
    I’ve used this method and have never received a complaint from my drinking buddies, just compliments.

    Be sure to round over the edges somehow though…be it a router or careful use of a belt sander. The latter can get away from you!

    Here is an alternative bar rail that might suit your needs.

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    I am about to finish my bar, but I still have no clue as how to secure the beergutter to the bar top. The plans call for a 1×4, should it be 1×6 so I have a little extra to glue to the bartop? 😳

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    I use my bar regularly and I thought also the arm rest would look cheap. O think it looks great and the 1×4 offers a lot of room so you don’t gouge your forearms. My bar is posted in the portable section. It is the MODIFIED TAILGATER. I really enjoyed this project and my friends and neighbors have enjoyed the fruits of my labor. Let me know if you cannot locate the pics. We have a NEIGHBORHOOD PUBCRAWL scheduled for the Saturday after St. Patty’s day. I’ll post my party pics then, but the bar……no issues with six feet being too small.

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