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    I’m at the point in my build where I’m ready to install the tapper. I bought the kit the web site recommends. The tapper comes with a threaded fitting on the tubing. I don’t see any where to connect this … should I just cut off the fitting and connect the line directly to the barbed end off the keg tapper? Also …. is it Ok to put the co2 tank in the refrig or does the cold affect it? I didn’t see anywhere in the plans where it says to make a hole or any type of access to run the lines. Any help is appreciated ….

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    Sorry for the late reply…you’re probably on your 5th keg by now…

    Hopefully you figured out the hardware issue. Sounds like they put a generic connector on the end of the hose. It also depends on the type of tap coupler you intend to use and there are many different kinds.

    For most US beer, use the US Sankey type, see: https://www.barplan.com/draft_beer/index.html for more info.

    I also recommend placing the CO2 tank OUTSIDE the keg box.
    This allows for quick access to the pressure settings and keep you from constantly opening the keg box door to check pressure.
    The CO2 is compressed, so as it expands it gets VERY cold (like a CO2 fire extinguisher) so there is no point in cooling your CO2 tank. 😆

    See: https://www.barplan.com/members/page/kegkooler.htm
    for more info in building your keg box.
    (sorry that page is not all that easy to find, I’ll add more links, see sitemap in the membership site… https://www.barplan.com/members/page/sitemap.htm )

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