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    The EHBP-02 plan set has now been entered into the CHBD program and is ready for use. A few notes though…

    This design was not intended to be used with the CHBD, so there had to be some renumbering of common parts.

    You will see the “LEG” section has some high numbered parts, like 201, 401, 801, 1501 etc… in most cases these are parts that were called out as 2, 4, 8 and 15, but I needed to split these parts away from the MAIN section to allow for independent resizing of each leg.

    I will add a new plan document showing sub notes under the part numbers to help you understand the relationship of the new part numbers.
    It’s pretty straight forward though…

    Let me know of any questions you have when using the CHBD with this plan.

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    I have used the CHBD to re-size the West section to just 24in long and 20in wide, the problem is for some reason in the material’s list I am seeing a number of items that are now at quantity zero, with a total number of inches in the negatives.

    For example:
    Material Total (in) Type M Size (in) Qty. Scrap %
    2” x 4” x 8′ stud -30.25 B 96 0 32%

    I want to get my bar built this week if possible, so any assistance would be appreciated.


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    I’d say you are going too small. The CHBD is meant for “nominal” size changes only.
    When you see negative numbers, it usually means you’ve gone so small that you’ve eliminated the length of that part and no amount of magic can make that size work.

    Making the west leg (side leg) of EHBP-02 101 inches shorter means that a related part that is say 64 inches long would now be -37 inches long and virtually eliminated.

    Yes, the minimum limit is 24″, but just because it is allowed, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily feasible.

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    I used the resizing tool and when i started to builed my base none of the pieces fit.

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    can you be more specific? what sizes did you change and by how much. You didn’t use the match function did you?

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