Where do I find a mini fridge with exposed rear coils?

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    I am just about ready to build a modified 6’1/2 foot strait kegger bar with a working sink, but I am having trouble finding a 2.7 Cu Ct fridge that has the exposed heating coils in the back. Does anyone know where to find one? Or will I need to purchase a fridge and modify it to work with the standard keg box set up? If I need to modifiy the fridge. Does anyone know how I might be able to do it?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Walmart, Haier brand. About $79

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    The exposed coil type do work well, but a closed back unit will also work. Remember, if it has a freezer plate and that plate develops frost, then you should be OK. The next step is to get air circulating inside the keg box and outside across the back. The idea here is to REMOVE heat and never let it build up anywhere.

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    I couldn’t find the haier brand locally. I found the haier model# hsb03bb online at amazon for roughly $115 w/ free shipping. It is 2.7 cu ft and has exposed rear coils. Its slightly larger than the fridge that they tell you to use in the plans but just alter the them a bit and you’re fine.

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    Thanks guys. I ended up ordering a 2.7 HAIER HSB03 WHITE from newegg.com. It came to 130 including shipping. I was surprised when it arrived the next day. It was easier and only a bit more expensive than waiting for walmart to restock what I was looking for.

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    If you are looking for a fridge i would suggest checking out craigslist. If you live in a college town the best time is around the end of april, early may. Lots of college kids looking to get rid of fridges this time of year. I bought a 2.7 cu ft fridge for 50 bucks with exposed coils. It keeps my keg box nice and cool, it had no dents or blemishes and saved me about 60 bucks.

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