Where to buy Tap Tower Kits

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    When building your own keg box for the plans that include a keg box, the recommended tap tower, regulator, sankey keg coupler and CO2 tank can be purchased as a complete kit from here: https://www.barplan.com/draft_beer/index.html

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    I’m just about to purchase the twin tap tower kit (http://www.micromatic.com/draft-keg-beer/kegerator-conversion-kits-pid-RCK-ST-2.html) for my straight kegger bar but after some reading a lot of people have recommended perlick taps over taps supplied with a kit due to sticking when the tap isn’t used for a while.

    I don’t see me having kegs all the time but when they are the taps will probably be used every 2-3 days (more when I first finish it granted!) and concerned that they will stick and I wont be able to pour anything easily !

    Can these kits be upgraded to perlick taps and will they actually be needed ?!

    No issues with cleaning the taps out weekly but I don’t really want to be cleaning the taps every day just so I can pour a pint or two frequently.

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