160 ounce Prime Rib Extreme Cut

Saturday March 21st 2009 a Manitowoc man walked into Bob & Geri”s Black Otter Supper Club in Hortonville Wisconsin to take on the massive 160 ounce Extreme Cut Prime Rib in one of the wildest encounters of Man vs. Food ever to be witnessed. Having not visited the Otter in some time, it was our privilege and luck to walk in and catch this culinary challenge as it unfolded.

The Black Otter Supper Club has offered up prime rib challenges going back to the late 1980’s. Nearly twenty years ago a friend and I had taken on and tackled the tiny 104 ounce King Cut. We should have been numbers 19 and 20, but somehow we were not documented properly. We both still have the shirts as trophies.

Having walking into about 3/4 of the way through, I walked up and introduced myself and told Andy that my friend and I had done the 104oz many years ago. He laughed and said he saw my picture on the website review and recognized us. We threw him some encouragement and advice and headed back to our table.


he ain’t done yet

Where’s the Beef?

Even Hollywood movies have depicted legendary tales of Northern Wisconsin restaurants serving lumberjack sized steaks. Chet Ripley barely finished off the petite old 96’r. (The Great Outdoors, 1988) Over time these Paul Bunyan sized steak challenges come and go as do restaurants. For many years the Black Otter has been “the” place for these Wisconsin sized beef challenges.

Quantity over Quality?

In what might horrify fancy chefs whose restaurants serve 6 ounce Kobe steaks for hundreds of dollars, here in Wisconsin, the cholesterol challenge begins with quantity in the 100 ounce plus club. Over the years, the Black Otter has offered the 104 ounce King Cut, the 116 ounce Super Cut and 160 ounce Extreme Cut challenges. Grade unknown but the steaks are great. Awards: 2007, 2011, and 2012 Best of the Valley Post-Crescent Readers’ Choice Award Finalist for Best Steaks.

king of the old 160 oz

Any Frank, Prime Rib King!

Ten pounds later:

A mere 45 minutes after starting, challenger Andy Frank swallowed his last bite of the monster 160 ounce prime rib and was declared the winner and new reining King of Extreme Prime Rib! I trust our presence helped motivate him to go the distance. But he wasn’t done yet…

Plus a few more…

Still feeling a mite peckish, Mr. Frank topped off this monumental task by polishing off his fried potatoes and salad. Shown at left is a photo of the new King of Prime Rib. The 160 ounce Extreme Cut has been offered since 2003, but so far only 5* have conquered the mountain of meat. The old 104 ounce King Cut wall of shame includes photos from hundreds of carnivores who have downed the now retired King Cut. Presumably too may locals were able to tackle the King Cut so they added 12 more ounces to make the new 116 Super Cut.  * – as of 4/2016

160 oz prime rib

The legendary 160 oz Prime Rib featured at the Black Otter Supper Club , Hortonville, Wisconsin


at the time of this post, we didn’t have a photo of this bovine behemoth. Here is one from the Black Otter menu. Check out the current Hall of Shame.

How Many Calories?

The biggest question in most people’s mind (besides ‘did he survive?’) is “wow! how many calories is that?”

Well, we’ve boiled that down for you in the following nutritional facts label that should accompany the plate, along with a coupon for a free angioplasty..

These values were calculated using a 10 ounce serving  data for Prime Rib Steak. Keep in mind, the 160 ounce Extreme cut is “bone in”   and includes a pound or two of bone and fat which happily you do not have to eat.


Other interesting extreme eating videos:

Watch Furious Pete Czerwinski break the world time record for downing a sizzling hot 72 ounce steak in 7 minutes, a total of 10 minutes for potato & salad.

Nutritional Facts for 160 Ounce Prime Rib:

Serving size: 160 Ounces

Calories: 15,569
Calories from Fat: 11, 376
Cholesterol: 2,976mg
Sodium: 52,528mg
Total Carbs: 149g (Hey it’s low carb!)
Fiber: 32g (but you’ll need more fiber to push that baby through!)
Protein: 848g

All calculations are based on nutritional data of a 10 oz portion and simply multiplied out.
Calculations do not take into account extra bone or fat content.

please feel free to post your comments…