Packer Party House

Modest homes line Lombardi Avenue adjacent to Lambeau Field, Home of the Green Bay Packers, but one residence recently became a mecca of sorts to one Packer fan family and their growing list of friends. An Atlanta businessman purchased a home directly across from the front of newly renovated stadium and turned it into the ultimate Packer fan dream home. The view from the remodeled rear of the home would be like a mountain vista for a nature lover, but in this case the floor to ceiling view is of Lambeau field and on game day the atmosphere is electric, with fans tailgating and the roar of the stadium crowd clearly audible from the roof top deck.


location, location

The owner of the home purchased the property, then hired a builder to completely gut the interior and transform it into the ultimate pre-game party house with a fantastic view of the stadium.  The garage was transformed into a party deck and a large “G” was etched into the patio concrete.


Packer Bar

Inside, the house features a big comfortable couch and seating area, a large screen HDTV, pool table in a large open area that lets in the majestic view of the hallowed stadium and the scene of tailgaters and fans gathering before the big game. It’s one giant party with a front row seat. It’s one of now many houses near the stadium that have since this article first ran (in 2007), have been converted into deluxe packer party pads. Fox 11 WLUK has also recently purchased their own Packer Field House across the street to televise pre game shows.

packer _house_urinal_fixture

Pee on ’em


Pool Table

The owner of our featured pad says the house was “Designed by men, for men”, he said “It is specifically to enjoy game day and the days leading up to game day.”, and there’s no worry about  missing the big play when taking your bathroom break, since the men’s room is equipped with it’s own urinal complete with an overhead TV screen and includes the perfect target with the Packer Fans favorite chant “The Bears Still Suck” strategically enameled into the fixture.
Born and raised a Packer fan in Milwaukee, the owner and his family will travel to Green Bay on weekends when the Packers play at home and open up their home to friends and relatives.

They plan to use this vacation house about as much as most other people use their lakeside homes.”I’m not doing this as an investment or for any kind of commercial or financial benefit” said the owner. “This is truly a spot that we’ve picked to enjoy the Packer atmosphere.” The owner hopes his dream home doesn’t start a trend though, in which other homes in the neighborhood are sold and turned into party houses.”If somebody wants to sell out to somebody as moronic as I am, that’s fine, but I just like the neighbors, like the people here,” said the owner. “I welcome all of them to come over and have a beer with me on Packer day and get to know each other a little bit.” Safe to say a new era in tailgating along Lombardi Avenue kicks off on Sunday. “It’s the hallowed grounds and to be so close is pretty special”.

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