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Compact Freezer for Keg Box


Upgrade to a Compact Freezer for your Keg Box.

Prior to the CFC ban starting in the late 1970’s refrigerators operated quite well using CFC heavy Freon refrigerants. Over the past decade, new models and designs that omit the exposed rear heat exchange coil and use the new HFC refrigerants perform more slowly but get the job done, if you keep the door closed.

More cooling power:

These newer fridges just don’t seem to have the heat exchanging power to cool a larger keg box. That’s where the new compact freezers are becoming the fridge of choice for our bar designs that include a keg box. The model shown below is a well rated, affordable model that generates frost in the freezer at a #4 (of 10) setting.  Highly Recommended!

Add More Fans:

I also recommended using the bigger 120mm or 140mm 1800 rpm fans. – You gotta move air! A remote temperature monitor is also a great addition to end the need of opening the keg box door to check the inside temperature. Recommended vendor links shown below.

[amazonjs asin=”B000V6FKGM” locale=”US” title=”Antec Big Boy 200 – 200mm Tricool Case Fan – 12vdc”]

Recommended Compact Freezer Models:

Home bar project models that can use a compact freezer for the optional keg box include: EHBP-03, EHBP-04, EHBP-09, EHBP-08 and EHBP-20 . I checkout out a few of the newer unit and found several inexpensive models.

Here are some recommended compact freezer models from Amazon:

[amazonjs asin=”B00M7GMEYK” locale=”US” title=”Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer with Lock, Black”]

[amazonjs asin=”B0198FSI42″ locale=”US” title=”Commercial Cool CCUK12W 1.2 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer with Adjustable Thermostat Control and R600a Refrigerant, White”]


  8 Responses to “Compact Freezer for Keg Box”

  1. John P. – When you use a freezer for your keg box or for a “keezer” (which is a chest freezer converted to a keg box.) you should always use a power cut off thermostat / temperature controller. Nowadays I always shop at Amazon, so here’s a list of temperature controllers they offer. http://amzn.to/1W35uWf

    If you are a techno geek and have some electronics experience, you can buy a controller and wire it yourself. If you’re technically challenged, buy a pre-wired temp controller that is plug and play. The PnP variety usually shows a photo with a three prong socket where you would plug you fridge unit into. The other end goes into the wall. Then, set you r fridge to midway, and then just enter your set point temperature into the controller. Your freezer will now always run unless the controller sees it getting too cold whereas it will cut the power until it rises back up to the set point. Once above setpoint, the controller applies power. Wash & repeat. Thanks& Have fun!

  2. What is the current refit or freezer of choice? Looked thru everything here and don’t like what I hear about the compact freezer never shutting off. Also seems not a lot of action on these forums info years old

  3. I guess I’d just set it midway and try it there first. I’m thinking that the higher the setting the more it’s going to try to reach a very low and possibly unreachable set point considering the extended cooling area configuration of the keg box. Remember, if you pass air over an ice block, eventually the whole inside of the box should get very close to 32F. It’s basic thermodynamics. 32F is way too cold for beer dispensing anyway.

    Finally keep in mind, to dump all the heat in a 50F 1/2 or 1/4 keg will require some time. Mine takes a day or two, maybe more before it finally settles out. That’s why I always buy them nice and cold to begin with.

    I hear of similar “running all the time” issues with store bought kegerator units too. Hope this helps a bit.

    I’m looking into experiment with a jockey box type setup where you just leave the keg in room temperature then run the beer line through a very long stainless steel or copper coil that is inside the fridge unit. It works similar to a “on demand” water heater…but using cold instead.


  4. Thanks so much for the response and the tips. Looks like I am on the right track. I have the CO2 tank outside of the box. I guess my only remaining problem is it seems like the freezer is always running even after I hit my desired temp. I am trying to adjust the temp gauge in the freezer to hit it right and have it shut off….but no luck yet. Any tips on this? I also want it to shut off so the freezer doesn’t burn out and I’m not sure if there are any safety issues with it running all the time. I am in RI so humidity is not an issue right now.

  5. Frost is perfectly normal, but if you live in the south where it’s humid, you will certainly have more of a problem. The other thing is to keep the door shut and NO PEEKING. Once you close the door, you should never have to open it again until the beer is gone. Install a wired or wireless thermometer so you can see the temp from the outside. The CO2 tank should also be OUTSIDE the box so you can adjust with out opening the door. If your humidity is super high, consider placing a container of DAMP RID rid brand desiccant inside the box which should help. Be sure to keep the temp ABOVE 34 otherwise you’ll start having ice crystallization which makes for a poor pour.

  6. I’ve put in the recommended compact freezer and the recommended bigger fan. I am getting the temp into the 30’s but have a lot of frost building up inside the freezer. Also, it seems like the freezer is always running and doesn’t shut off. Should I have any frost at all? Is that a bad thing. Do I need more fans and what can I do to make sure the freezer shuts off when it hits temp? Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Thanks John!

    I updated the links to two compact freezer models. I also recommend using the bigger 120 or 140 mm fans. the 1800 rpm would really move some air! Also, be sure to use a remote thermometer to prevent opening the door.


  8. Your post indicates “upgrade to a compact freezer” however the link to the recommended option is a compact refrigerator. I’ve had to replace my fridge with one which is unfortunately not keeping the box cool enough. I was just about to order the SPT 2.5 cu ft compact refrigerator but wanted to double check that it’s the refrigerator that is in fact the recommended model. Thanks.

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