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May 192015

Coca Cola Kegger Bar

Coca Cola Bar

Coca Cola Bar

Every now and then a project built by one of our site members really catches my eye. This Coca Cola themed kegger bar was built by a site member and is a perfect example of using the plans to their fullest. The general idea was to match the Coca Cola themed bar room and memorabilia.

The bar started out using the EHBP-03 plan set was shortened from the standard 8 feet and covered in faux stone panels. The arm rail looks to be poplar and it has a cool tiger pattern to it. Poplar arm rail is not nearly as expensive as oak or other hardwoods and it’s a beautiful alternative to other expensive species arm rail molding.

Project support:

The builder used the site resources quite a bit during the construction including tips from the forum and gallery. I recall answering a few questions and he contributed some great ideas too. Simple details like the black painted base framing makes the bar really stand out and creates a clean line in relation to the  flooring. Using standard dimensional pine lumber saves a lots of money and once covered with a coat of maple stain, you’d think it’s hardwood.

This is one of my favorite recent projects and this month’s Bar of the Month!
Great Job Gene!

Completed Coca Cola Bar Project Photos:

BTW – If you (Gene) have any additions of corrections, please drop me a line and I’ll post them.
More photos of the Coca Cola Bar – complete with LED bar lighting.

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  2 Responses to “Coca Cola Themed Home Bar”

  1. Is that a Coca Cola Ice Maker on the round pub table? I was looking at one the other day and wondered how it works.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my bar! I’m currently working on the back bar and hope to include more Coca Cola and Alexander Keith’s items!

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