Flickerstrip LED Lighting Concept.

A bright new product named Flickerstrip is now in development. This programmable LED device displays animated lighting sequences or “lightworks” that can be used for a wide variety of lighting applications. The lights are programed right from your smart phone using their custom app. As of May 2016, the product is in the mid stages of development and beta testing. Product is expected to be completed in late 2016.

Created by Julian Hartline and currently in development and funding through Kickstarter. Flickerstrip could evolve into some very interesting LED display creations. Looks like fun!

Watch the video below then visit the Kickstarter page for Flickerstrip to help fund this project.

Open Source Programming:

The Flickerstrip is WiFi enabled and uses the ESP8266 and popular IoT controller. An open source API will allow developers to extend functionality. Imagine  a matrix of individual controllers all working in unison for massive displays. As of the beta, the product is 20 feet long. Kickstarter rewards will be a 10 foot model.

The uses for this product are many, including: Party Lights, Bar Lighting, Dance Floors, Holiday Displays, Custom Artwork incorporating Fliskerstrip and many more. What a great little niche lighting product. Help back this young entrepreneur in producing what I see as a great creative addition to any home bar project.

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