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    For the corner behind the 45 degree bar

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    Just about done with this request…

    here is a preliminary rendering…the top band is chrome (or diamond plate), but could be wood trim, a light box or anything!
    The side shelve are glass to allow light to trickle down. Front doors use diamond pattern plexiglass like that found in fluorescent light fixtures.
    It’s designed to fit a popcorn popper or fish tank (hexagon style)
    [attachment=0:1l1d9ax2]EHBP-011 rending1.jpg[/attachment:1l1d9ax2]

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    Looks great! Noticed ths post was added 5 months ago. In the process of building athe 45 degree bar. Any news as to when it will be complete? Would love to use it.

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    I’m actually working on this right now, but “soon” is a relative term around here.. lol

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    Picture is good but what some steps on how to build it?

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    to be honest, I’ve been fighting so many battles with Google just to keep the site alive that I’ve had zero time to work on any new plans. I’m hoping we can recover, otherwise the site might go bust – thanks to Google and the big money players out there like and their spammy house porn site.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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