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    It’s the first day of summer, and since it’s so hot outside, I’m stuck inside working on the site. After a while I started recalling the floating bar idea one of my up nort drinkin’ buddies and I devised a few years back.

    I’ve see floating bars for sale, but this one is a whole lot cheaper and as designed, it can support over 2000 lbs…about the same as a small boat. It displaces 73,728 cubic inches of water. That equals a weight of 2658 lbs.

    The idea is to have a swim up platform with submerged seating. It will require pressure treated lumber to resist water damage. It has two sides for seated positions and two sides for standing positions. The weight of the patrons is negligible. It also doubles as a swim / suntan platform.

    3D human models were used to set seating positions and ensure comfort.

    The large side panels prevent those scary dock spiders from taking up residence. Buoyancy can be adjusted by adding or removing Styrofoam panels under the deck.

    The bottom skids allow for easy removal from the lake. It is intended to be removed when nobody is using it. Also, no diving since you might hit the seat area boards. Common sense.

    Anchor it in position with a few 5 gallon buckets filled with concrete.

    More drawings coming soon.

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    Any plans for this yet??

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    take a look at the attachments in the original post (top). It gives you pretty much all the dimensions you would need.

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    It prints out too small to read. What about a parts list, cut list? What type of wood to use? How to treat it? Where can I get floating material? Thanks?

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    Yeah, you’re right, it is pretty small. It must have been shrunk when uploading.

    TEMPORARY SOLUTION: right click the download link and use the “save link as” to save the image to your local drive, then open it and use the zoom tool to read the dimensions. They are readable.

    I’ll slap it into a PDF file as a preliminary plan for you.
    I’ll add the parts and material info too.

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    Thank you! Have you made one of these yet? Does it float??? Work??

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    No and simulated Yes.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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