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    On page 17 step 6b– I’ve built the 2 keg box framing sections but I don’t see measurements on where to place them on the base. Am I missing something?


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    I’m sure someone will be along with a better reply/response to mine as I’m new to this also.

    I’m near completion of building this bar with the edgestar compact freezer and wanted to be able to fit in 2 kegs.

    a 1/2 keg is 16 1/8″ wide ( so I made sure that there was 34″ between item 18 and item 20 on the keg box framing. If you are only wanting to fit in one keg then this dimension could be smaller and your decision really.

    If you are making the keg cooler area smaller for one keg, just make sure that when you build the back corner frame you (step 6c – 6e) shorten as necessary so you can get the keg you want to use through the door :)

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    I’ll have to dig a bit, but I’ll take a closer looks for you.

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    I’ve had the same question as I’m waiting for my freezer to be delivered before proceeding…

    From the best I can tell, piece #28(top middle spacer), as shown on page 18, is designed to be the middle cross support for the bar top and looks to be spaced right in the center. As such, the left keg box frame will be placed directly in the center with equal spacing between the left and right sides of the bar framing so that you can attach the spacer on top of that. In any case, this seems to make the most sense from a structural standpoint. If this turns out to be wrong, it will be quite simple to just measure and adjust the few steps following, that would be affected (ie. insulation panels, front corner frame size, etc.).

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    Hey admin,
    Any answer to this? I have the same question, how far apart should the fridge supports be, and where should they be mounted, right in the middle, or further off to the right to give more room for the keg box?

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    What do I secure the work station and top shelf with

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