Beat Summer Heat in a Cool Basement Bar:

With summer just around the corner, your thoughts after a dreary winter will no doubt be focused on getting out of the house. But when summer temps finally takes their toll, the air conditioner comes on as you retreat from the sweltering heat.

If your home is fortunate enough to have a basement, you need to have a nice cool basement bar to escape. In addition, the basement is the best place to escape severe weather. Basements are cooled naturally by the earth around them, about 52 degrees year round where I live.

cool bar

one cool basement bar

Cool Colts Sports Theme Bar

Here is a great example of a cool basement bar. This Indianapolis Colts inspired bar was constructed by one of our site members. The cool blue LED lighted glass blocks literally look cool. I mean they really make your body feel cool just looking at them.

The use of LED lighting means less dissipated heat from typical incandescent bulbs. As a rule, we now recommend LED lighting for all bar lighting projects.

Cool Basement Bar Benefits:

The best thing about a basement is that it can be a safe zone from severe weather. For that reason, every spring I stock my basement bar with gallon jugs of fresh water and some non perishable foods.  A few bottles of your favorite spirits could come in handy is any disaster.

Rock Out:

Another basement bonus is that it’s relatively sound proof. If you live in a condo or duplex, you’ll find the basement to be the best place for making some noise without disturbing the neighbors. Just keep it below 11.

Basement Bar Caveat:

Moisture and basements don’t mix well. With a little preventive maintenance an occasional inspection you can avoid moisture problems. If moisture is allowed to creep in and ignored, it can result in a difficult to clean mess. Monitor sweaty pipes or leaky walls and lookout for mold formations. Check out these related articles on Preventing Basement Mold and Basement Bar Construction.

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