Tropical Bar Paradise!

Outdoor bars can be built in almost any climate, but adding thatch and bamboo to our standard core designs can make a bar in Maine feel like Miami. While this particular bar is NOT located anywhere near any frozen tundra, it is a great example of how simple materials can transform our designs into something completely different. The framing and core is actually our EHBP-09 45 degree corner bar design that has been used thousands of times to build classic style indoor bars.  The bamboo arm rail , skinning and tiki idol corner posts are the special elements that take you straight to Kokomo.

Florida Party Bar:

This inviting tiki bar installation was built by one of our Florida based members, who tells the story in his own words:

I Built my home Tiki bar using one of your plans. Used the L shaped bar with the angled corner plan. Did the basic layout, then modified your plans to work around the bar equipment I purchased. Gotta tell ya, your plans kick butt and will make any home builder look like a pro!!” – John G. , Florida

Materials are the key and our private Builder’s Forum can help you find the products used in many of our member’s projects.

So if you’re looking specifically for “tiki bar plans” the fact is that ANY bar design can be made “tiki style”. It’s simply the last step of skinning and trim combined with the overall room decor that makes it truly tiki.


Easy Home Bar Plans