How to Build a Home Bar the Proper Way:

Over the years, we have shown a lot of people how to build a home bar. When you decide to build a bar, you can take your chances guessing on the right bar dimensions and waste a lot of expensive construction materials or have a proven plan to get results like the bar shown below. There many design and room preparation issues to consider. Building the bar is the easy part.

how to build a cool home bar like this

sample home bar project built by one of our members

Doing it Right:

Designing a home bar is not very difficult, but there is always a right way and a wrong way.  Free sites offer a lot of bad or incorrect information. They are made only to lead you into a swarm of irritating ads and they only give you fragmented information.

The Easy Home Bar Plans site is an entire home bar construction builder’s resource site. It includes many core designs as well as our Builder’s Gallery of over 8,500 photos of bars built by our members.

The gallery gives you amazing design variation ideas based on what thousands of members have already built. The member community provides project support which is so much better than just a paper plan with no support at all.

Doing It Better:

Besides keeping our designs simple and easy to build, we use a unique design technique based on the Golden Ratio found in nature. This makes our projects more pleasing to the eye. Other designs we’re seen are just not right because of poorly thought out proportions. Our designs are a natural work of art.

The Other Guys:

Competition is great. It makes those passionate about their business do better than the other guy. In all fairness, I am including below a brief rundown and links to current major articles and sites in no particular order:

  • 8 Free Bar Plans
    – eight ridiculously bad links to blogs and outdated/incomplete info.

  • How to Build a Bar | The Family Handyman
    – One page of written instructions. Few to no diagrams.
    – Mostly a bunch of testimonials.

  • Free DIY Home Bar Plans – 8 Easy Steps | HomeWotBar
    – I used to offer a 10 step plan so this guy thought 8 was better, lol
    – it’s not even a wet bar, just a box, and top. Poor proportions.
    – Google uses this lame box and top design as their “answer box” result. Sad.

  • Home Bar Plans – Easy Designs to Build your own Ba – Precision Images
    – of all the sites, probably the most anal plans. Requires a full shop of equipment and expensive, expensive materials
    – The owner Tom K. loves my service mark and uses it ad nauseam. He thinks that makes his site “like” mine. lol
    the word “easy” does not even come close to his projects, requiring “dado” and “rabbet” cuts and expensive finish grade materials.
    – the projects are of the wrong proportions, looking cheap and unstable.

  • Building a Basic Home Bar Instructables
    – usually a decent source for plans, but their simple bar is basically the same as our free plan below.

  • How to Build A Basic Home Bar – YouTube video
    – this is our own version of a free basic bar plan in video form.

  • Other Resources:
    – There’s always Pinterest, Houzz and various blogs, some of which photo document our own plans.
    – there’s one other site, bar-gear but avoid it since it has not been maintained or updated in years.

    – Now back to…

More than just Plans; Design Ideas too!

Our home bar designs are complete and instantly printable. Each set includes a material shopping list and cutting list for each individual part. Each part is numbered and referenced on three-dimensional assembly drawings. Our site also gives you access to our Builders Forum where you can share ideas and get help if you get stuck. The forum spans nearly 10 years of Q&A on building bars and draft keg boxes using commonly available parts, saving hundreds of dollars over store bought kegerators. If you already have a kegerator, it can be easily fitted into your project using our custom bar designs which is an easy to use web-based bar resizing tool.

Full Selection of Projects:

All plans are delivered instantly and are printable any PC printer. Your one-time membership payment gives you full access to the site and access to all current plan sets. You get so much more at   Get Started now!


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